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Encore Rail Systems Announces EnduraPlug as the New Name for Their Proven Tie Plugging Compound.

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Broomfield, CO, May 17, 2019 – Encore Rail Systems, Inc. today officially announced EnduraPlugTM as the new name for their tie plugging compound, which has been performing in the field for decades.

“We’re proud that the name Encore has become synonymous with the best performing equipment, plugging compounds and service in the industry. After much encouragement from customers and friends in the field, we decided it was time for our tie plugging compound to have a name of its own,” noted Greg Spilker, Encore Vice President and General Manager.

The Encore team collaborated with their marketing firm for the name and logo development. “Our product had been performing in the field for a long time without a name. If we were going to create a name, we wanted to be sure that we did it right, and that we had the input and backing of everyone in our organization,” outlined Spilker. “Together we concluded that EnduraPlug, The Tie Plugging Compound with Gauge Holding Power, properly represented our product and emphasized its greatest value to our customers. In all actuality, EnduraPlug is a name our plugging compound has been earning for decades.”

Encore maintains an inventory of EnduraPlug compound that is ready-to-ship in 5 gallon pails, 250 gallon totes and cartridges for hand applicators.

Encore has made a name for themselves in the railroad industry with their unique ability to provide both tie plugging compounds and equipment for spike hole plugging. They offer a large fleet of on-track equipment. New machines are constantly being introduced, while existing equipment is being maintained and upgraded at their recently expanded facility. They continue to deliver many innovations to the industry. Their newest line of ride-on tie pluggers provides the latest in safety and operator comfort features, while setting new standards for productivity. “The plugging compound name might be new, but our quality, service and training, and commitment to the railroads remains unwavering, just as it has for over 20 years,” emphasized Spilker.

About Encore Rail Systems, Inc
Encore Rail Systems has led the railroad crosstie remediation industry for over 20 years. They are wholly dedicated to crosstie life extension. Their products, equipment and exceptional service have been trusted by Class 1’s, Short Line’s, Transits and Contractors throughout North America.

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