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The Safest and Most Dependable Equipment and Compounds


Encore Rail Systems Ride on tie plugger

Reduce Manpower for High-Speed Rail-Seat Abrasion Repair.


  • Seamlessly switch application guns for wood or concrete ties
  • Track mounted and self propelled
  • Equipped with GPS for tracking
  • Dual dispensing, low maintenance guns reduce clean up time
  • Add-on SpeedSet® UV light curing epoxy unit
  • Comprehensive field support


  • Optional semi-enclosed cab
  • Proven in production for decades
  • Machine can perform concrete tie repair or wood tie repair
  • Operators are seated during track travel and work modes
  • Fewer pumps and motors reduce equipment maintenance costs
  • Comfortable, adjustable, ergonomic operator seating
Encore Rail Systems walk behind tie plugger

Easily Repairs Moderate to Heavy Rail-Seat Abrasion


  • Safety stop bars front and rear
  • Adjustable work speed control
  • Versatile and reliable


  • Provides the flexibility and reliability to meet the demands of all types of production concrete rail-seat abrasion repair
  • Dual crawler drive system eliminates repositioning machine in gang consist, allowing machine travel in either direction
Encore Rail Systems Tie Plants

Specify SpeedSet® to Protect Your Concrete Ties

Our revolutionary UV light curing epoxy allows for pads and clips to be applied immediately after the epoxy is cured by the UV light. Ties can then be stacked and stored right away.


  • UV light curing epoxy system
  • Fast curing rail seat protection
  • A single-part, clear, unfilled, low viscosity, system
  • Performs in all climates


  • Easily and economically installed into existing concrete crosstie manufacturing facilities
  • Eliminates several epoxy repair cycles and costs
  • Extends the life of your crossties
  • Available for rail seat abrasion repair as an add-on unit to our Ride-On Tie Plugger. The unit includes epoxy tank, applicator and light source.


Concrete Compounds

Quickly Repair Moderate to Deep Concrete Tie Rail-Seat Abrasion

Encore’s concrete tie life extension equipment and compounds are manufactured for efficiently repairing and preventing rail seat degradation. Our equipment makes the application of our compounds safe and fast.

  • LV or HV 600ml cartridges available for manual repair
  • HV Epoxy is made to repair heavier rail seat degradation
  • SpeedSet® is UV cured epoxy that makes preventing rail seat degradation a fast and easy process. It can be applied in Tie Plants as well as in the field.


  • This two component product has the shortest cure time of all similar repair materials on the market*
  • Our faster setting epoxy allows maintenance gangs to do their work in less time using shorter track windows
  • Can be applied in low temperatures
  • Available in 5 gallon pails and 115 gallon totes

*Epoxy cure time is dependent upon depth of repair (film thickness required), temperature of the tie, and the temperature of the dispensed epoxy at the time of application.

Encore Rail Systems Concrete SDS Downloads

Product Safety is Paramount to Us.

We continually provide comprehensive safety and regulatory data on our Safety Data Sheets promoting safe usage and handling of our products. You can download the latest versions of SDS documents below.