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Encore Rail Systems’ Impressive New Headquarters Outside of Denver Positions Them for Continued Growth

By September 25, 2018September 28th, 2018Press Release


Broomfield, CO, September 27, 2018 – Encore Rail Systems today officially announced their move into an expansive new facility at 2300 W Midway Boulevard, Broomfield, Colorado. The 40,000 sq ft structure offers dedicated areas for equipment maintenance, in-stock products and parts, product and equipment testing and research, sales and service offices and space for staff development and meetings.

“Our investment in a new and much bigger facility addresses our increased need for space to service equipment, stock more inventory and perform product and equipment testing as we continue to explore new and better ways to help the railroads. Our people now have a facility that allows them to do their jobs better. That translates to faster turn around and even better service for our customers,” noted Greg Spilker, Encore Vice President and General Manager. “This is all we do, and we intend to keep doing it better than anyone.”

Spilker credits the company’s employees for their success. “Sure, our plugging compounds and equipment are the best in the industry, but we’ve found that the service our people provide, across the board, is what matters most to our customers at the end of the day.” Company employees are trained in service at all levels. “Whether they are answering the phone, upgrading a piece of equipment, or taking an order in shipping, their job is always to ensure our customers get what they need and that their questions are answered. Service is our top priority and our people deliver.”

The company also has a dedicated group of Field Service Representatives. The group is constantly on-track with customers monitoring equipment performance, providing training, implementing routine maintenance and gathering feedback to ensure uptime of equipment.

Encore has made a name for themselves in the railroad industry with their unique ability to provide both tie plugging compounds and equipment for spike hole plugging. They offer a large fleet of on-track equipment, including walk-behind, ride-on and skid mounted machines. For smaller jobs, handheld cartridges & applicators are also available. New machines are constantly being introduced, while existing equipment is being maintained and upgraded at their facility.

The new facility allows them to produce and stock more plugging compound and machine parts to meet increased demand. “With service as our top priority, having a more robust in-stock program is critical,” added Spilker. “Our new facility makes this possible.”

Encore continues to deliver many innovations to the industry. Their newest line of ride-on tie pluggers provides the latest in safety and operator comfort features, while setting new standards for productivity. “The industry can, and should, expect more from Encore. We will be there to deliver – ensuring the greatest value and maximum uptime for our customers,” declared Spilker.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Greg Spilker at to arrange an appointment to tour the new facility, and to learn how Encore can improve and ensure the ongoing performance of their crossties with Encore equipment, plugging compounds and service.

About Encore Rail Systems, Inc
Encore Rail Systems has led the railroad crosstie remediation industry for over 20 years. They are wholly dedicated to crosstie life extension. Their products, equipment and exceptional service have been trusted by Class 1’s, Short Line’s, Transits and Contractors throughout North America.

Contact: Greg Spilker

Safety is our Standard. Service is our Priority. Uptime is your Result.