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EnduraPlug tie plugging compound was developed in labs, tested in the field and has been proven for decades. Its performance helps maintain track gauge and ensures the longest life for your crossties.

This product is intended for the filling of spike holes in wood and composite railroad ties, allowing for respiking without damage to the tie, in accordance with AREMA chapter 30 requirements.

2 part, 1:1 mix by volume based, expanding polyurethane rigid product.

This product is supplied in liquid form as two separate components and is dispensed from a pressurized dispensing system, mixed as it is dispensed. It is formulated for both hand applicators and on-track equipment.

Expands to Fill Spike Holes and Voids in Crossties / Displaces Water

Typically expands 40% in the spike hole, filling cracks and other voids, and displacing water. It will not absorb water.

Expanding Compound = Lower Cost Per Hole

Expansion quality means less product needed, saving up to 40 – 60% compared to other products!

Matches New Tie Density Hardness

Safer for respiking, avoids potential damage to tie, unlike products with higher hardness rating.

Extraction Strength of 650 psi / Maintains Gauge

Outperforms pull pressure of specified new wood ties, helping to keep your track in gauge.

Fast Cure Time

Reacts in 60 seconds with full cure in approximately 5 minutes.

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