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Safety is Built Right Into Our Ride-On Tie Plugger.

Maximize Safety, Comfort, Productivity, and Versatility

  • Track mounted and self-propelled
  • Equipped with GPS for tracking
  • Dual dispensing, low maintenance guns reduce clean up time
  • Add-on SpeedSetĀ® UV light curing epoxy unit for concrete ties
  • Optional semi-enclosed cab
  • Comprehensive field support
  • Operators are seated during track travel and work modes
  • Proven in production for decades
  • Travels under its own power up to 25 mph for easy clearing
  • Comfortable, adjustable, ergonomic operator seating
  • 2 operator stations, each with its own compound dispensing applicator
  • Ability to run with 1 or 2 operators
  • Holds up to 250 gallons of tie plugging compound